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Ainsworth have been involved in designing and manufacturing canoe and kayak paddles for over 35 years. Based on the Thames at Twickenham, Ainsworth were amongst the early pioneers of the modern-day British canoe and kayaking scene. The company takes pride in creating the lightest, strongest and most durable paddles on the market today – with a choice of intermediate and performance paddles for every canoe and kayaking discipline.


Ainsworth's latest development sees the introduction of a brand new range of high quality, performance paddles. The new, light-weight RTM blades offer top class performance and feel. With a choice of beautiful finishes - glossy black carbon or striking silver with a metallic weave that catches the light - RTM paddles inherit the strength, buoyancy, endurance and unique three year warranty for which Ainsworth is renowned. Combined with Ainsworth's filament wound shaft technology and the latest in fibre technology, RTM paddles not only look and feel great but weigh no more than 880g (typical straight shaft paddle weight).


Andrew Ainsworth developed the first foam core glass fibre paddle blades in the early 1970’s and since then has continued to push the boundaries of composite technology. Ainsworth developments include the innovative Advanced Foam Technology construction method that creates a light-weight, buoyant and hard-wearing range of blades. In 2006, Ainsworth designed and launched the ultra strong and durable Nylon glass fibre composite blades. This mid-range paddle has proved to be very popular with Ainsworth customers.

Style and Comfort

Ainsworth have applied their extensive helmet design and manufacturing experience to developing the Skid Lid. Skid Lid helmets are quite simply the ultimate in style, comfort and performance. With exceptionally high CE test ratings these offer great protection. Soft, comfortable, washable liners mean they are comfortable in use. And the stylish design comes in a range of variants offering additional ventilation and a choice of peaks.