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Aquapac was founded back 1983 in London (UK), where they still have their head office.

It all started with three young windsurfers wondering if they couldn’t find a way to listen to a Sony Walkman while on (and in) the water. What they came up with was certainly not the most elegant-looking product. But it worked! Jump forward almost 30 years and here they are with an ever-expanding range of products selling in more than 50 countries. Along the way they’ve picked up a couple of Queen’s Awards, which is nice. And they’ve sold many millions of Aquapac 100% waterproof cases, bags and pouches. Which (at the risk of incurring Her Majesty’s Displeasure) is nicer still!

The professional choice as well as selling to discerning, highly intelligent individuals like you (ahem) Aquapac are thrilled to be the trusted choice of all sorts of professional users. Emergency services like the Los Angeles Lifeguard, the London Fire Brigade, Japan Lifeguard and Spanish Red Cross - these and many more buy Aquapac. So too do major original equipment manufacturers such as Flip Video, Motorola, Nikon and Sony.

So what makes Aquapac tick? They believe in designing genuinely useful products that help you to enjoy the great outdoors. By putting your mind at rest that you and your electronic gear - and other valuables - are properly protected from the elements. They believe that what they sell must be of the very best quality – the same quality that we demand when we buy other people’s products. And they believe in treating customers the way we ourselves want to be treated.

It's your choice - of course there will always be people out there offering you products which are superficially similar to Aquapac. Before you opt for a cheaper alternative, I’d just ask you to consider one thing. Do they stand behind their products the way Aquapac do? For a clear illustration of what makes Aquapac stand out from the crowd, check out their Full 5-Year Warranty. We don’t think you’ll find anything out there to beat it.