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Beaver In 1982 the companies founder, the late Dennis Walker, was involved in the flooring and furnishing business mainly engaged in local government contract work, which at the time was a declining industry due to government spending cuts. He had an interest in water sports and after some research turned to making wet suits in an effort to provide continued employment for his staff and small factory located above his carpet shop.

From these humble beginnings Dennis soon recognised a niche in the diving world and Beaver are now firmly established as a major global player in the dive industry.

Martin Walker became Managing Director in 1987. Martin has been involved in his father's various ventures from a young age and has gradually developed and transformed the company into today’s hi-tech business. He also continues his father’s love of diving being a BSAC dive leader and PADI rescue diver and has developed a vast knowledge of the industry and divers needs, ensuring he uses his experience to keep his customers satisfied.

Customer service has always been a top priority for Beaver.

Beaver have strived to remain at the forefront of innovation having introduced over 100 new products this year and have many more in the pipeline. Amongst many of Beavers inventions that have been imitated and are now commonplace are the semi-dry suit and soft lead shot pouches and belts. Beaver's range is continually expanding, in addition to producing a vast range of suits for both diving and water sports they market a huge range of products to cater for diver requirements.

In addition to production for the diving market Beaver are involved in manufacturing many diverse products for example skullcaps used in chemotherapy treatment to prevent hair loss, protective sleeves for musicians and paint ball monster suits! As well as a growing range, which caters for the canoeing and caving market. We supply a selection of the best diving equipment and accessories from all over the world, all CE marked to give you peace of mind.