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Chisco Logo

The Chisco logo depicts the mountain and the waves on which brothers Beirne and Gregg Chisolm base their lifestyles and their business.

Growing up outside New York City, they quickly wandered west in search of Maui's Northshore tradewind whipped waves. While on Maui, and fed up with losing too many watches to the relentless waves, (causing them to be late yet again for their evening restaurant jobs) they started working on a new type of watchband. $20 bucks bought them a used sewing machine, and then after a few long frustrating nights, they produced their first prototype watchbands based on the double wrap principal of surfboard leashes. They called it simply, THE BAND®

After 18 months of product testing and selling, the brothers Chisolm were getting such positive feedback from their watchbands that they decided to make it a full-flung enterprise and named their new company CHISCO. The year was 1986. Now 20+ years later, in addition to THE BAND® watchbands, CHISCO has grown to have an entire line of unique and functional Wallet & Purses, Keychains, Fitness & Ski Accessories, and a variety of other "Cool" products. Merging forces with CHUMS (another Utah Company) in 2007 created the accessories powerhouse of CHUMS/CHISCO and brought even more attention and growth to the newly formed company and the overall combination of incredibly popular products has been well received.

In early 2008 they purchased BEYOND COASTAL Sun Care to even further round out our product choices for our enthusiastic customers, who were demanding a top quality sunscreen while they enjoy their various outdoor sports.

With a simple and straightforward business philosophy: "Under Promise and Over Deliver" the company looks to continue to supply unique, well-made products to active sport fanatics (& all their friends) while treating them with the respect and commitment to satisfaction that would make a mother proud.