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At DeepOutdoors they are dedicated to designing products for exploration which both enable and inspire adventure. They have crafted the Matrix Buoyancy Compensation System (BC) beyond standard expectations so you can focus on diving instead of your equipment. The Matrix BC is built to exacting standards using only the highest quality materials. DeepOutdoors have observed an effect certain products have on those who own them. It occurs when the product doesn't only allow you to do something; it makes the experience of doing it more enjoyable.

This effect is what we worked to achieve when in designing the Matrix. They set out to create something that is so well designed, thought out and manufactured that it not only enables you to dive, it makes the diving experience better. This is what they mean when we say "enable and inspire adventure." They know divers must use a BC. They also know there is a wide selection of BC's from which to choose. This is why we make the Matrix better than necessary and back it up with the DeepOutdoors 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee and the DeepOutdoors In-Depth Warranty.