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Feel Free

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Feelfree’s Philosophy from the first day they have introduced you to the concept, "The best feeling on water". Today, they still believe and act like they said. No matter how many days and nights pass by, they still keep in mind that the key to success is "design the right thing for the right user". From the endless effort, marketing research, product feedback and new technology challenge, you will recognize Feelfree's unique features that we proudly design for our customers. It is not the question of "what we could do?", but "What should we do to give our customer the best design features?".

From the V-Shape Handle in the Nomad, the Molded-in Handle in the New Move, to our new Front Lid Cover in Moken, you will see individual design features that now become the Feelfree's design identity. "Stop" does not exist in Feelfree's vocabulary. Today, they continue to work hard because it is the joy of their life to see our product connecting with our customer, serving them and becoming a part of their life. Till the end, they will continue our development to give you our mission statement. "The best feeling on water" Where technology meets craftmanship "Technology belongs to 'one' who knows how to use it." At Feelfree, they believe that they are the 'one' in that particular sentence.

They don't actually absorb every new technology, on the other hand, they pick some of them, invent some of them and frankly, we deny some of them We 'choose' some technology that will only add value to our organization such as CNC that we picked to help us with the precision work. Every part has been tested with the 'Rapid Prototype Technology' to test the usage in the reat condition before process to the real production. We 'invented' some technology by ourself because we know that we want. At Feelfree developed our own rotational machine since we have expertise in this area. But most important is they 'deny' some technology and still believe in the excellent wisdom of craftsmanship.

Over 30 years of design team experience is the most valuable technology they have. Even though they use computer 3D modeling as well as drawing in order to help us visualize and design all our kayaks, master pattern are still built by hand. By shaping, refining and crafting by hand we touch the sense of the real product, which still definitely cannot feel with just the computer monitor. That's why you will be able to touce every design detail that they spent their lives making for you.