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Konus was founded in 1979 in Verona, a city in the North of Italy. Since the start they have had a clear vision of their company: we want to provide high quality and functional products, supported by a complete service, in order to gain the total consumer satisfaction.

Through the years this vision has become their company's mission. Konus has expanded globally through a network of sub - sidiaries and distributors. KONUS believes in financial strength and in a lean and effective organization, thanks to its Decision Makers and Ownership, who have a direct line to customer base. They can define our supplier-client relationship as prompt in decision making with regard to business delays and inefficiencies.

KONUS has a broad range of products that allows a significant presence in different departments within any store. The result is a better and more meaningful Vendor-Retailer relationship. We developed different product categories, that complete each other and allow the consumer multiple usages and purposes. This results in a broader name recognition that improves the brand loyalty of its users . Each product category has its own identity and it is supported by the proper merchandising, in order to provide retailers with effective sell-through tools.

All their items come with instruction manuals in 8 languages (English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Dutch, Portuguese and Greek) and this may be a significant advantage. WE BELIEVE IN: - Being Market Driven - Excellent Design and Quality in Products at the right price - Financial Strengt h - Strong and Healthy Inventory