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Today SEAC is definitely a reference point in the dive industry. Founded in 1971 by an idea and Marco Attilio Rapallini Arata, recently - thanks to the support of her son Daniel - has undertaken a major strategic renewal on several fronts: OUT OF enlargement of the corporate organization of production lines, the repositioning of its image in the production of technological developments.

The major change has, however, left unchanged the real points of excellence has always recognized the company, first of all, the control unit of output, all verified and tested individually, a process that has always been the pride of SEAC. And certainly one can not overlook another major strength: the calibrated balance between quality and price, more and more appreciated by customers and end users. As the dialogue with the general public never stopped divers, established from the beginning to actually interpret dreams and needs. The investments that were needed to operate these innovative choices are consolidating and are bringing good results in many respects.

So this year the company has decided to entrust their image to Alessandro Gottardo, Shout in art, one of the best illustrators in the world. Over the last few months, the new campaign, and then marketing strategies related, have gathered acclaim in multiple continents, and received major awards at the international level. Even the investment company's new website is registering good results, conceived as a rich and complete information tool, useful for the end user and for the trade. Increasingly convinced of the affirmation of its motto, "A wUNDERful world", SEAC continues to believe in the sea and work so that man can draw the best benefits, minimizing risks and cultivating dreams.