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TNP - Laminex

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The company has been specializing in the production of TNP brand paddles and oars since 1992. Today, their products are exported all over the world. Since its beginning, TNP brand has been know for its excellent assets and high quality products in its class. All of the used materials are purchased only in the Czech Republic, in the EU or in the USA. Finished products are subject to stringent final inspection.
We provide a three-year manufacturer's warrany with most of our products. The three-year warranty covers the shafts, blades, paddle grips, and the strength and durability of the shaft- blade and shaft- grip connection. The warranty shall not apply to normal wear and defects caused by improper use of the product.

Laminex and environment:

Our company is environmentally oriented, and all waste generated during production is recycled, see detailed bellow. We support a wide range of sporting activities and boat races.

1. commodities

a. paddles and oars with duralumin shafts are fully recyclable (polypropylene grip, HDPE blade, duralumin tube, PVC sleeve, drip ring) b. the composite shaft is not recyclable at paddles with composite tube

2. packaging media

– in the Czech Republic Laminex is involved in the system of disposal of its production wastes and for this disposal it pays to a specialised company

3. wastes from production of blades

– Laminex recycles all HDPE wastes, HDPE is crushed and re-processed

4. recyclable wastes

– paper, iron, duralumin and plastics are assorted and taken for recycling to specialised companies

5. hazardous wastes

– oils and oil products, water and cloths polluted with oil products, packaging media of paints, fluorescent tubes are assorted and taken to a specialised company to be disposed

6. power

– the Laminex premises are heated with electricity. We do not produce any air pollutants. Exhaust heat from production of blades and at compressors is used to heat the factory buildings through an exchanger

7. waste water

– Laminex built a waste water treatment plant for own utilisation. At the same time it fully at its own cost solved waste water treatment from the nearby accommodation unit (5 apartments), which did not have this matter solved.

8. noise

– Laminex eliminated the noise load during the manufacturing process not to load the surrounding with a high noise level (below 40 DB)

9. working environment

– all manufacturing processes are categorised as safe.